THE CREATIVE SELF: Create Your Personal Brand


What people say about our workshop:

"I can't recommend this workshop enough. Youri put into one easy sentence what I was struggling with for weeks. This workshop actually made me move forward in leaps. It is worth gold, no idea why Youri charges so little for it!" - Désirée Anja Jäger

"I loved the personal branding workshop because: a) the systematic approach got insights on the table that would have stayed hidden otherwise and b) this marvellous “Eureka moment”, when Youri, through his creative perspective, helped me see the unique and differentiated core of what I have been doing all my life and actually love doing.- Olmar Albers

"Today Self-branding is important. Youri's workshop showed me that I have to dig deeper to find the essence of my personal brand. A very inspiring seminar with many aha-moments!" - Diana Engetschwiler


Why brand yourself?

If someone googles your name, what do they find? What do people say about you when you are not in the room? What do you talk about when meeting colleagues or business partners? What differentiates your profile from that of your peers’? 

Building one’s personal brand is becoming a source of competitiveness in a transparent and interconnected world. Decrease in job security and rise of job-hopping and entrepreneurship force people to rely on themselves more than on their employers to build their professional reputation, hence personal.

Bloggers, artists and political figures have long recognized the value and the benefits of branding themselves to reach their goals. We think that personal branding should not be centred around the idea of “selling yourself”. Instead, a personal brand should help you attract the opportunities that correspond to your profile and interests.


Workshop benefits

By taking part in this workshop, you will:

  • Understand how personal branding can help you build your career and/or business and live a meaningful life
  • Make the difference between your brand and your job title
  • Develop your personal vision, the cornerstone of a personal brand
  • Conduct a self-audit to identify your “personal assets”
  • Define a personal positioning that is authentic, unique and relevant
  • Understand how to use network, content creation and social proof to build your personal brand

Target audience

  1. Driven professionals in the middle of their career, who want to change the course of action and find more meaning in what they do.
  2. Self-employed individuals, who rely on their personal brand to attract clients and grow their businesses.
  3. Ambitious graduates who want to make a strong start in their career.

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