Full Stack JS Bootcamp

Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp


15.10.2018 - 19.10.0008

08:30 - 17:00 Uhr

Course Instructor

Cedric Spindler

Freelance software developer

Course Instructor

Benjamin Cunningham

Software Engineer

days 5
CHF 2'150

Course content

A step by step walkthrough with short demos and hands-on blocks to build a real life application. Each participant builds a web app, a backend using a database and a simple mobile app.

We build example projects step by step which each participant completes with the all necessary support.



  • Step-by-step design and development of an app
  • Basic Frontend
  • Testing
  • Basic Backend
  • Deploying Backend
  • Deploying Frontend
  • Routing
  • Firebase Comments
  • Authentication
  • Backend Authentication
  • Upload
  • Payment
  • Architecture
  • Ionic2 App
  • Translation
  • Workshop Freestyle

Course objectives


See all the important parts to build a real life start-up application beginning with the web application, building a backend with a database, connecting services like payment or authentication, and finally create a simple mobile app.

Target audience

Target Group:

Developers who want to learn to create single page applications using TypeScript, Angular, Node.js, Ionic2


  • Solid programming background
  • Basic Knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Basic Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Bring laptop with admin rights
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