MAS ETH in Architecture and Digital Fabrication (MAS ETH DFAB)


The MAS Digital Fabrication teaches methods and technologies of digital design and fabrication and their expressed implementation in architecture and construction.
Projects and assignments enable students to develop design concepts and realise large scale prototypes with the unique robotic construction facilities of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR). The programme describes and exemplifies how new technologies, materials, and processes contribute to an advanced and sustainable construction culture.
The MAS Digital Fabrication is the education platform for the NCCR Digital Fabrication. This large multidisciplinary research initiative provides an excellent environment for learning digital fabrication. Common events and research labs allow the NCCR researchers, investigators and the MAS programme to constantly exchange and interact.


Participants will develop competence in complex design and production challenges and will be able to take leading positions in the field of architecture, construction, or the extended design and production industries.

Target audience

The MAS Digital Fabrication is targeted at university graduates from Switzerland and abroad. The MAS will accept qualified applicants who are specifically interested in improving their skills and experience of advanced digital design methods, digital fabrication, and the application of robotics within construction and architecture.

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