MAS ETH in Architecture and Information (MAS ETH AI)


The programme is aimed at students who want to overcome the boundaries of parametric design and its design grammar. It therefore focuses more on theory and methodology of design rather than on craft and practice.
Inspiration is found in film and literature, philosophy and linguistics, mathematics and information technology. Technologically, the programme is fairly opportunistic and instead aims to be precise on a theoretical level. This precision is articulated in a concrete, fully realised design project. The programme explicitly aims to get away from the design of utopian scenarios or manifestos. For this reason, the backbone of the training is the applied design of a sample building in narration, construction, production and logistics, resulting in a detailed 3D print model on a scale of 1:10. This intensively supervised design project is complemented by classes in philosophy and mathematics as well as introductions to modelling and programming.


Goal of the programme is to support students in their development of an architectural identity. Students learn about the technological principles of globalisation, the philosophical basis to the current architectural discourse and the toolkit of design, so as to equip them for dealing with the economical, technological and theoretical challenge of a generic architecture.
Students who successfully complete this programme will emancipate themselves from the functional demand to ‘engage’, by learning to medialise information technologies and so be less affected by their daily agitation. This is our contribution towards a new, more relaxed and at the same time also more outraged architecture.

Public Cible

University graduates with a degree on the master level and highly qualified persons with a degree from a university of applied sciences in architecture or a related field.

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