Part-Time Coding Bootcamp


Learn how to code. 
Hands-on, 9 weeks long, full- or part-time.

  • 9 weeks long
  • Learn how to code, create websites and web-applications
  • 2 evenings in the classroom per week, Monday and Wednesdays from 6 to 9pm
  • Work on projects in your own time
  • Access to an instructor twice a week
  • Weekly assignments to complete at home

The course is offered in German and in English.


Additional to teaching how to code and giving you a general understanding about technology we offer following perks:

Access to our online community. You get automatic access to our invite-only Slack community where you can collaborate and get valuable advice from our mentors and industry experts outside of the class room.

Kickstart your career. After the bootcamp, you will be ready to apply for your first developer job. We’ll introduce you to relevant employers and coach you in the application process and technical interviews.

Kickstart your project. In the bootcamps you learn everything you need to get your porject off the ground. Our mentors and industry experts will guide you step by step until your first working prototype is online. You also have plenty of networking opportunities to meet potential co-founders.

5:1 student-to-mentor-ratio. You will be in a small class and get a lot of guidance along the way.


  • Get to know the Ruby programming language and the ins- and outs of object oriented programming
  • Learn the language of the Web (HTML, CSS & Javascript) and build websites
  • Learn to build your own web-application using the Ruby on Rails framework
  • Most importantly you will know how to keep growing your skills and be able to solve future coding projects by yourself.

Public Cible

Perfect for people want to learn to "speak tech" on the side.

A lot of our participants already work with developers and work in the following positions or similar:

  • Product managers
  • ​​​Project managers
  • Designers
  • Marketing experts
  • Communication specialists
  • Entrepreneurs

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